• kitchen in two tones
    kitchen in two tones
  • Round shower, marble tile, custom cut floor
    Round shower, marble tile, custom cut floor
  • bathroom remodel, Bathtub, marble tile
    bathroom remodel, Bathtub, marble tile
  • trimwork, crownmolding
    trimwork, crownmolding

Chris de Cock has received the Best of Harleysville Award for his achievements in Bathroom Remodeling, this award is presented by the Harleysville Award program.

Chris de Cock knows how important it is to choose the right remodeling company. Whether it is your Kitchen, Bathroom, Basement or another part of your home needing work, you want the best result for a good price. With Chris de Cock you are in good hands, he is always open to suggestions and his professionalism, know-how and craftsmanship are demonstrated while your project becomes reality.  For bigger projects, Chris de Cock uses software for visualisation purposes so you can 'see the result' before any construction work is being done. "My customers feel comfortable about their projects when it's understood what is going to change and what the result will look like."


Smaller jobs are also welcome. Think of window and door replacement, painting, changing fixtures, hanging lights, install shelving, all kinds of home repairs and more.


Chris de Cock's philosophy is that there is always a solution to any given situation and he will always advise in your best interest. His ability to improvise is based on experience, knowledge and flexibility. He will always advise in your best interest for the best result.


"Your job will be my priority and I will comlete it in a timely matter, I will be there from start to finish."